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We have displayed some brilliant prices in the UK for 12 string guitar in Musical Instruments and CDs including these related brands: MARTIN, SHUBB, HEADSTOCK DISTRIBUTION LTD, BARNES AND MULLINS, TANGLEWOOD.

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Martin M180 12 String Acoustic Guitar Strings Extra Light Martin strings are the acoustic string of choice for musicians around the world. Wound to exacting specifications, you can depend on these strings for tone, bri ... MARTIN
£10.99+ Delivery: £2.50 See offer
Shubb Nickel 12 String Guitar Capo SC3N Since 1980 the Shubb Capo has set the standard against which all others must be measured. It is the first choice of hundreds of musicians worldwide. What makes ... SHUBB
£15.99+ Delivery: £1.39 See offer
Ibanez PF1512NT 12 String Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural The Ibanez PF1512-NT 12 String Dreadnought offers high quality, professional features at an affordable price.This full-size Acoustic Guitar boasts a Spruce top ... HEADSTOCK DISTRIBUTION LTD
£169.00 See offer
Faith FKV12 Naked Venus 12 String Cutaway ElectroAcoustic Guitar The Faith Naked series is what happens when everything is stripped away and you are left with just a tone wood finish. The Naked range is about bringing Faith's ... BARNES AND MULLINS
£539.00 See offer
Tanglewood TWRO12 Roadster Folk 12 String Acoustic Guitar Tanglewood Guitars were formed in England in the latter part of the 20th century charged with an ambition to create a portfolio of instruments that would offer ... TANGLEWOOD
£199.00 See offer
Taylor 150E 12 String Dreadnought ElectroAcoustic Guitar Natural Perfect for the developing guitarist, the Taylor: 150E 12 String Dreadnought Electro-Acoustic Guitar offers a wide dynamic range with deep lows and crisp highs. ... TAYLOR GUITARS
£729.00 See offer
Leo Kottke 6 And 12 String Guitar 1972 UK vinyl LP SNTF629 LEO KOTTKE 6 And 12 String Guitar (1972 UK issue of the 1969 14-track stereo LP Kottkes classic debut album originally issued on John Faheys Takoma label f ...
£20.00 See offer
Tony Bacon Rickenbacker Electric 12String The Story Of The Guitars The Music And The Great Players The definitive history of the world's most famous 12-string Electric Guitar.When the Byrds recorded their hit version of Dylan's Mr. Tambourine Man, they popula ... BACKBEAT BOOKS
£16.95+ Delivery: £2.50 See offer
Homespun The 12String Guitar (DVD) Homespun The 12-String Guitar (DVD), Roger McGuinn The 12-String Guitar (DVD), play licks and technique by the Byrds with 12-string guitar, incl. tabulature, pl ... HOMESPUN
£17.55+ Delivery: £7.98 See offer
Ibanez 60GRGTWBK Doubleneck Ibanez 60-GRGTW-BK Doubleneck e-guitar, doubleneck, 6 string/12 string, mahogany body, maple neck, rosewood fretboard, 12 string neck with 24 frets and scale 64 ... IBANEZ
£517.59+ Delivery: £7.98 See offer
Techniques for Contemporary 12String Guitar DVD Chris Proctor's exceptional DVD will bring your 12-String guitar playing to new levels, and will teach you challenging and beautiful instrumental solos. This co ... HOMESPUN
£22.95 See offer
Genesis Trespass Genesis: Peter Gabriel (vocals, flute, accordion, bass drum, tambourine); Anthony Banks (guitar, piano, organ, Mellotron); Anthony Phillips (acoustic 12-string ... WOW HD
£5.99 See offer
ABM 32507b Hardtail Bridge ABM 3250/7b 7-String Hardtail Guitar Bridge - the original, made in Germany. A great sounding high end guitar bridge, milled from solid bell brass, full guitar ... ABM
£83.74+ Delivery: £7.98 See offer
Roger McGuinns Basic Folk Guitar DVD Roger McGuinn brings his love of folk guitar to novice and intermediate players, providing a solid repertoire of classic songs as well as the basic techniques n ... HOMESPUN
£22.95 See offer
DR Strings Rare Acoustic Medium RPM12 DR Strings Rare Acoustic Medium RPM-12 String Set for Acoustic Steel Guitar, Phosphor Bronce, Medium, Gauges 12 16 24w 32w 42w 54w Guitars, Basses, Amps / Strin ... DR STRINGS
£7.58+ Delivery: £7.98 See offer
Shubb C3 open in new window Shubb C3 - capo for 12-string guitar. Guitars, Basses, Amps / Misc. Acessories SHUBB
£12.20+ Delivery: £7.98 See offer
Daddario EJ37 Daddario EJ37 String Set for Acoustic -steel Guitar, 12 string, Phosphor Bronze, Strenght 012/012,016/016,025/010, 032/015,042/022,054/030 Guitars, Basses, Amps ... DADDARIO
£9.17+ Delivery: £7.98 See offer
Yamaha FP 12 open in new window Yamaha FP 12 String Set for Acoustic Steel Guitar, Strenght 012/016/024w/032w/042w/053w, Phosphor Bronce Guitars, Basses, Amps / Strings for Western Guitars YAMAHA
£3.98+ Delivery: £7.98 See offer
Takamine EG510S12 Takamine EG510S-12 Acoustic Steel Guitar, Dreadnought, 12 string, solid Cedar Top, Back & Sides Mahogany, Mahogany Neck, Rosewood Fretboard, Takamine TK-40T Pic ... TAKAMINE
£425.08+ Delivery: £7.98 See offer
Mason Williams The Nitty Gritty Guitar Of 1967 USA vinyl LP SPC3148 MASON WILLIAMS/VARIOUS The Nitty Gritty Guitar Of (1967 US silver Pickwick label 10-track STEREO vinyl LP featuring Thirteen Dollar Stella plus equally twangy ...
£16.00 See offer
Gator GPEDreadTSA open in new window Gator GPE-Dread, guitarcase for dreadnought models (also 12-string), polyethylene material, tsa-locks Guitars, Basses, Amps / Guitar and Bass Cases GATOR
£70.18+ Delivery: £7.98 See offer
Elixir Nanoweb Light 12 Str. Acoustic open in new window Elixir 11152 - Light Nanoweb 12-string acoustic guitar strings, gauge 010-047. Guitars, Basses, Amps / Strings for Western Guitars ELIXIR
£17.55+ Delivery: £7.98 See offer
Rickenbacker 36012MG Rickenbacker 360/12MG E-Guitar, 12-String, Thinline Semi Acoustic, Maple Body, Higain single coils, color mapleglo (Natural), with Case Guitars, Basses, Amps / ... RICKENBACKER
£2,072.76+ Delivery: £7.98 See offer
Ovation OV9158 Case Ovation Case 9158 Original Formcaser for Ovation 12 string, Deep Contour Bowl and Deep Bowl, Hardshell, Inner length 110cm Guitars, Basses, Amps / Guitar and Ba ... OVATION
£116.44+ Delivery: £7.98 See offer
G7th Capo Acoustic 12String open in new window G7th Capo Acoustic - capo for 12-string acoustic guitar (steel string). Guitars, Basses, Amps / Misc. Acessories G7TH
£21.53+ Delivery: £7.98 See offer
Elixir 12450 Nanoweb 12 String Elixir 12450 Nanoweb 12 String String Set for 12 string E-Guitar, Gauges 010 013 017 026w 036w 046w/010 013 009 012 018 026w Guitars, Basses, Amps / Strings for ... ELIXIR
£19.86+ Delivery: £7.98 See offer
Thomastik SB21012 Thomastik SB210 String Set for 12 string Guitar, Bronce Serie, Nickel free, Gauges: 010-010 - 014-014 - 022-010 - 030-013 - 041-017 - 050-022 Guitars, Basses, A ... THOMASTIK
£16.11+ Delivery: £7.98 See offer
Daddario EJ39 Daddario EJ39 String set for 12 string Acoustic Guitar, Phosphor Bronze, Gauges 012/012- 016/016- 025/010- 032/014- 042/020- 052/030 Guitars, Basses, Amps / Str ... DADDARIO
£8.21+ Delivery: £7.98 See offer
Duesenberg Double Cat Custom Line Case open in new window Duesenberg Double Cat Custom Line Case, original case for Duesenberg Double Cat (6- and 12-string) Guitars, Basses, Amps / Guitar and Bass Cases DUESENBERG
£149.93+ Delivery: £7.98 See offer
Rotosound JK30EL Rotosound JK30EL String Set for 12string Acoustic Guitar, Phosphor Bronze, Gauges 10/10, 14/14, 24w/8, 30w/12, 40w/18, 48w/28w Guitars, Basses, Amps / Strings f ... ROTOSOUND
£6.86+ Delivery: £7.98 See offer

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